want to write for march vladness?

Or for one of our future tournaments? March Vladness (or Shredness, Fadness, and Sadness) is a yearly tournament of essays about songs. The tournament itself happens in March each year, with play-in games in February and January. We also publish essays on related or adjacent material, like tracking the tangled discography and different iterations of Christian Death, the insane hairstyles of Poison, the life and lifespan of a one-hit wonder, or just on songs you love (or hate) that didn't make it into this year's tournament. We also publish interviews and conversations with artists and musicians. All of these happen outside of the month of March.

Songs for the March Vladness tournament will be released in Summer 2018, and we'll make most of our assignments before September. In the meantime, if you have ideas or want to write about The Sisterhood or The Shroud, pitch us. We publish essays all year long outside of the tournament.

We also curate a series of poems about goth, hair metal, one hit wonders, or sad college rock songs, so feel free to send suggestions (or poems) our way. Reprints are fine, as are unpublished works too. Send via email.

Have a pitch or a suggestion? Hit us up on twitter or email.

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