Inclusion methodology: songs must be in the style and genre of hair metal, meaning that they were released from roughly 1983-1992, which is about when grunge and the 90s ended the era, at least for most mainstream listeners. Songs feature shreddy, ostentatious guitar solos, big hair, and flashy outfits. As "hair metal" as a genre is one dependent on video, all songs in the tournament must have had videos (and must have them available online). The Committee is typically excluding Serious Metal outfits like Metallica or Iron Maiden unless they really took part in the tropes of the genre. Ditto straight-up hard rock acts like AC/DC or Judas Priest. We're less interested in artists' careers than in individual songs that play all the right notes, so you might see a hair metal song by a band with a longer and more distinguished non-hair-metal career in there. Suggestions? Hit us up on twitter or email

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