(4) house of pain, "jump around"
(5) divinyls, "i touch myself"

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(4) House of Pain, "Jump Around"
(5) Divinyls, "I Touch Myself"
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throw the lights away: farid matuk on "jump around"

I was 18 years old in 1992 when House of Pain released “Jump Around.” It’s a party jam with staying power and maybe that’s all there is to say. That year in Southern California white men were setting each other free all kinds of ways. It was a tradition.
     Traditions march proud, or they march in complicated ways. Sub rosa: everything under the cover of something else, something prettier? Goddamn 1998’s American History X. What passed as an unflinching look at white supremacy always seemed to me more of a visual love letter to the physicality of Ed Norton’s Derek Vinyard character. Do you remember the film’s opening sequence? Derek’s little brother Danny, played by Edward Furlong, sleeps in one room while in another Derek violently tops his skinhead girlfriend, his boots still on. What was it with boys’ feet as substitutes for their dicks in these kinds of scenes from the 90s? Three years earlier Larry Clark’s well used eye made sure we saw a similar shot in Kids, only that time it was Telly’s sweaty socked foot looking for purchase on the bed sheets as he pushed further into the next virgin girl we knew he was exposing to HIV. Thinking without subtlety, trading in only the cheapest likenesses of categories, I ask, if white boys are dangerous in a viral way, who’s the host?
     By the time Derek disentangles himself from his girlfriend to confront two young black men who were messing with his car we know their black bodies will be the film’s first sacrifices to our civil sympathies. Beneath the cover of that sympathy the camera eagerly enlists its high contrast film in the passion of Derek’s nearly nude, glowing white body stalking the night itself. Beneath that, we get the still more operatic passion of glances exchanged between Derek as he gives himself over to be cuffed by the police and Danny, whose grow-in buzz cut and swan neck make him look like some misplaced Joan of Arc (to borrow a phrase from Patty Smith) trying with his big eyes to pull his brother back from a moral abyss I’m still not sure ever really opens up to interrupt the paths of white men.
     When Derek gets out of jail, the film needs to show him arguing with his mom’s liberal boyfriend about the “L.A. Riots.” I was among those nerdy poor kids of color who, despite our deep immersion in police surveillance, mostly avoided encounters with actual officers, a streak that gave me a sense of what it must have been like up in the hills and along the coast where SoCal WhiteLife looked like nothing but expansive possibility. In retrospect it seems that whether we felt some claim to that expanse or not, we nonetheless spent the rest of the decade talking in one way or another about the last days of April and first days of May 1992. We were experts on policing and on staging civil disobedience, we knew the names of all the officers who beat black motorist Rodney King and we knew the names of the men who beat white trucker Reginald Denny, we had opinions about how batons should work. Or if we kept our mouths shut, we were still steeped in the air of those who affected this expertise, chiasmus as fuck in our host and virus dialectic.
     Based in L.A., House of Pain released “Jump Around” only six or so months after King’s attackers were acquitted and many years before Marshall Mathers’ internal rhymes would expand the pantheon of emcees to include the outline of an ideal white boy. So when House of Pain’s Everlast claimed, “I never eat a pig, cause a pig is a cop/ Or better yet a Terminator, like Arnold Schwarzenegger,” [1] we heard him making a sympathetic overture to kids like me who already knew how to sleep through the glare of the LAPD’s helicopter search light.
     Categories persist in failing. Failure can be a kind of street style, or it can be a particular street’s style if that street is the place where poor and lower middle-class folks of different ethnic and racial backgrounds share air and time and materials. The Internet tells me that only a handful of years before “Jump Around,” Everlast was just a kid trying to be a graffiti artist. He came out of Taft High School in the Valley where, incidentally, Ice Cube was a peer. On the graffiti scene he fell under the tutelage of a revered black artist going by the name of Divine Styler (née Marc Richardson). Divine was just a kid too, but his work across graffiti, genre-blending experimental rap, and graphic art would make him a legend in the West Coast underground hip-hop scene. It was Divine who introduced Everlast to Ice-T who in turn welcomed both boys into his Rhyme Syndicate collective.
     None of the ways those men failed, which is to say exceeded the boundaries of their categories really complicated how their images were marketed to me in 1992. If we wanted to jump around my freshmen dorm, we already had Black Sheep’s “The Choice is Yours” and Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario.” But House of Pain was white. And while they nodded to the ways the Irish neighborhoods of their heritage had once been policed the way mine was policed, beneath that overture I only wanted to see them as rude and proximate embodiments of white masculine power. It was privately electric the way that song made me feel my relation to public whiteness, like I could be at once in their crew and one of the “ho’s” they might smack. I heard misogyny in some of the songs by my favorite black hip-hop acts, I heard misogyny everywhere, and I was boy enough to think it served me. But I was brown enough to know House of Pain was white. Have you ever felt the whiplash speed with which you can convert being hurt into wanting to be hurt? It can still draw saliva into my mouth, even though I’m old enough and queer enough to know sex can even be simple. From where could a brown kid marshal enough critical grace to treat white thuggery like just another pop pose when more than twenty years later white men still need “Jump Around” to set each other free in the stands of hockey and football games? Yes, I know all kinds of bodies are in those stands and that all kinds of bodies like to jump around to that song. Such is the capacious poetics of white dick, and white dick is nothing if not a universal work of lasting value.
     Would violent masculine whiteness (or violent white masculinity?) have had a weaker claim on me if I’d never been an undocumented immigrant, if I’d never overheard a stray detail or two about the rapes my mother survived, if I’d never been sexually assaulted myself? Poor little wound sack, the literature of the object is already stacked high with the likes of me. In the place of a fuller rendering of my stories I’ll finish annotating not so much “Jump Around” but the labor of listening to it with transcripts of homemade intimacies between white men and of white “alphas” offering their dominating services to willing customers. I don’t care to police or shame anyone’s consensual power play; I know all manner of care and calibration can be worked out under the cover of something else, something uglier. The point here is the surface of the coin, so I will mention as a heads up that these transcripts frontload white supremacy, misogyny and base, hateful homophobia, but so does what passes for freedom in this country, and I’m trying to learn from James Baldwin who said, “I know one thing from another… so I give you your problem back.” [2]

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[1] Everlast, DJ Lethal, Danny Boy as House of Pain. House of Pain. Tommy Boy Music, Inc., 1992. CD.

[2] Take This Hammer. Prod. Richard O. Moore. Perf. James Baldwin. National Educational Television/KQED, 1964. DVD.

Farid Matuk is the author of This Isa Nice Neighborhood (Letter Machine) and, most recently, of the chapbook My Daughter La Chola (Ahsahta). He serves on the editorial team at Fence, on the board of the conference Thinking Its Presence: Race & Creative Writing, and on the MFA faculty at the University of Arizona. With the support of a New Works Grant from the Headlands Center for the Arts, Matuk is currently at work on two books of poems that in their distinct ways consider the question with which Orlando Patterson’s ended 1982’s Slavery and Social Death: “must we challenge our conception of freedom and the value we place upon it?” 

jennifer gravley on "i touch myself"

The opening crash of the cymbal, the thrumming, the build to more instrument, more sound, louder, louder, and then “I love myself,” Chrissy Amphlett says, and I believe her. Before Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself” became a breast-cancer-awareness anthem, before Chrissy Amphlett’s too-early death, it was a one-hit wonder beyond what the 90s deserved.


At the time, I was in tenth grade. I had to fight my sister and my mother, who was always ready to settle any argument by tuning into the oldies station, for control over the car radio. We also had to engage in that delicate dance where everyone pretended that none of the pop songs on any of the stations were about sex. “I Touch Myself” made that game harder to play and, annoyingly enough, was a damn catchy tune.
     Did I sing (badly) this song in the car with my younger sister and my mother? I’m pretty sure I did. After all, my mom’s station wagon was our family’s embodiment of that essential automotive space, good for uncomfortable conversations, where everyone staring at some different point outside the car facilitates the fiction that we’re not all sharing the same environment inside the car. A few years earlier, my mom had told me about sex in the car. Actually, she asked if I knew what sex was, and I said yes. (In the fifth grade, some girls laughed as one pushed a finger into a circle she had formed with the fingers of her other hand. I laughed too. They asked me if I knew what that was, and I lied. This exchange happened about four or five times, and then finally they told me it was sex.) This knowledge, however, did not spare me my mother’s one-sentence explanation. Staring even more firmly out the window, I deemed the entire enterprise “gross.” So yes, I’m pretty sure there must’ve been times when I sat in the front seat and sang along, lowering my voice to a mumble at that most obviously dirty line, as if I couldn’t understand what she was saying, as if no one else could either.


What “I Touch Myself” has over other masturbation songs is that it’s not just about pleasure—it’s also about longing or at least pretends to be. It’s implied that if the object of affection were to return said affection, the touching would move in an entirely different direction. As love songs go, it takes on both infatuation and desire at an oblique angle. We do get to know a little about personality (assuming that that would have at least some effect on this relationship): the intended makes the speaker laugh and “shine.”
     We know that even a fool could see how much she adores him. How much of high school is bound up in that sentence? Everyone knows just how much everyone adores everyone. Sometimes the intended knows as well, resulting in outright cruelty or the slower and more painful cruelty of a continuing friendship with only friendship benefits.


On Christmas Day, 1990, I wrote in my five-year diary: I hope something happens in ’91. George would be nice. I wrote in this diary a handful of times, all in 1990. Many of the entries simply note George sightings. I wore my black shirt & tights & checked skirt. I saw George going to 6th. or I saw George going to 3rd. I was coming from lower to middle & he was coming from upper to middle. We were walking next to each other, but I let him in front of me because I didn’t want to walk in front of him. A two-part saga details him asking to borrow twenty-five cents from someone else on a Friday, me lending him a dollar, him paying me back on Monday, and me using his dollar to buy lunch. A particularly detailed day recounts him asking to eat my fish nuggets, confessing that he might not eat them himself, and then asking for my catsoup [sic]. I wrote, I let him have it.


In “I Touch Myself,” the power of the intended over the speaker is a bit larger than that George had over me and my fish nuggets. When she thinks of him, she masturbates. One has to imagine that she’s thinking about him a lot, so we have to accept that there’s a lot touching of herself going on. The repetition of these frank words reinforces that, mimics the action, so to speak, though perhaps with a lack of variation that can be thought of as more replicative of male masturbation. 
     Some lines are clear teen-bait but sound insincere in the mouth of Amphlett. In adolescent fashion, she declares that no one else will do. Dude, I’ll just be here masturbating until the end of time if you don’t love me back—which only seems realistic when you have never paid for your own car insurance. Similarly, perhaps the strangest lines are the “I honestly do”s. Object of my affection, I’m not exaggerating! I’m not speaking metaphorically here! Dude, for real, I’m touching myself!
     However, despite being explicitly about female masturbation, the song doesn’t feel dirty. It feels like a celebration—a longing, sure, but one tempered by power. Chrissy Amphlett doesn't sing “I Touch Myself” like the kind of loser high schooler with a crush I was. She was a full-grown woman. Garnering the affection of her intended would be a nice mix-in, but she has the frozen yogurt already, and it’s good. 


I didn't grow up with cable television. I’ve now seen the video on YouTube, but in the tenth grade, all I had was the song. And since I know nothing about music and can’t clap to a beat, mostly all I had was the words, the words and Amphlett’s voice. Her throaty voice is at times a put-on, at times a roar—at all times nothing I was capable of reproducing. In 1991, I had never had a boyfriend, never seen pornography. I didn’t really know what a woman touching herself would entail. I didn’t even know that I didn’t know. For me, all of that would come later.
     Despite my Christmas wish, the only thing that happened in 1991 was that I stole a picture of George. As a small-scale fundraiser, my high school’s annual staff would sell the photo proofs at a table in the gym on annual-distribution day. People would buy their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s, presumably the color version distributed earlier in the year not being proof enough of young love. I was sitting on the bleachers with my friend Tammy when she suggested a joint venture into petty crime. Since it would’ve been taboo and world-ending to purchase the photo of someone you weren’t going with, we would pretend to browse and just take the photos of our crushes. She would steal mine, and I would steal hers. In the end, there was nothing I could really do with the torn black-and-white photo once I had it (and obviously, it was the same photo that appeared inside the annual) so my blood-pumping foray into scandalous immorality resulted in nothing more illicit than stuffing George and his fledgling mustache into my little-used diary, where he has resided now for a quarter of a century.


It’s hard to imagine a situation in which the object of Chrissy Amphlett’s affection wouldn’t be charmed by this ditty. She doesn’t beg for him to create something for her; the song is an invitation to join something already built. There’s a love fest going on, and who wouldn’t want in on that? All these years later, Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself” offers us the best of one-hit wondership: an anthem for the more powerful versions of our youthful selves that never existed, an inexhaustible repeat performance of defiant self-ownership.

Jennifer Gravley is a writer of sentences, a watcher of bad television, and a reference and instruction librarian. 

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