march vladness: the tournament of goth

March Vladness, taking place in March 2019, is the latest in our series of yearly March-Madness-style tournaments of essays about songs. Writers & musicians each take on a song from the 64-song field, and we play the tournament off, essay vs essay and song vs song, each game decided by popular vote, until we crown a champion at month’s end. 

complete youtube playlist 💀💀💀 Spotify (mostly complete) playlist:

Do your bracket: you have until 02.28.19 to fill it out and submit it. Download here: [pdf] [excel] [google sheets] [png].

But before the tournament starts, check out some of our pre-tournament essays, including essays by Kristine Langley Mahler on Stabbing Westward and Goth Confusion, Lela Scott MacNeil on The Mountain Goats’ Goths and fanfic, and many more coming. Got an idea? Pitch us.



The bracket is set. we welcome discussion.

And if you'd like to write for the tournament, hit us up on twitter or email ASAP. At this point we’ve already assigned all the songs for the 2019 tourney, but we sometimes need backup folks in case someone bails on their assignment. We also welcome essays and poems on songs not included in the bracket, or goth-adjacent subjects. Pitch us, as we'll publish essays and poems in the months leading up to the tournament. 

We welcome submissions or pitches for essays and poems relating to goth or any of these bands, or arguing for a band's (or song's) inclusion. We publish original essays and original and reprinted poems on related subjects before the tourney starts, so hit us up with your arguments for Valor-era Christian Death or why the Sisters of Mercy totally sold out after First and Last and Always, or essays about classic goth clubs or experiences or trying to make sense of this brilliant era of music and lifestyle and fashion and ethos.

Have a pitch or a suggestion? Hit us up on twitter or email.

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